Well, my surgery last night was a success.  I had my ACL reconstructed.  Here is how my night went.  I went in for paperwork at 2:45 pm and then got into the  room so that I could change into my modest hospital gown.  Then I put a red X on my right knee so that they would not mistake which knee to fix, and then filled out the paperwork in that room.

We sat there talking to the nurse waiting for the Doctor to get to the hospital.  The orderly came in and rolled my bed into the pre-operating room so that they could shave my knee and get ready for the surgery.  They put my IV in and started the process.

This is where it all started.  My doctor came in and I asked him to give me an idea of what he was going to do in surgery, and he said, “Well, I am going to take a piece of bone at the top of your Patellar (spelling?) tendon and one from the bottom and then I will drill a hole in your knee and anchor them.”  Well, I was comforted.  But after that I was wheeled into the Operating room and scooted over on the operating table, and that is the last thing I remember until I was in a hospital room about 3 hours later.  I have a particularly hard time coming out of anesthesia.  Last time it took about 6 hours to come out of it, and because my surgery was so late, they put me in a room overnight.  I woke up after 7 hours at 2:00 AM this morning, and started drinking my water as I had a nice cotton field growing in my mouth.

I got my dose or morphine every 2 hours to keep asleep, but I noticed that the pain had not gone away.  So I decided to take some Percoset  instead, and bye-bye pain and hello sleep without pain.  I was glad to find out that I could now sleep without the pain.

I got up and walked around the hospital early in the morning and then around noon.  I thought it would be so painful, but it was not even painful to stand and hobble down the hall with my crutches.  I was very happy, because that meant that I could go home.

So here I sit with Percoset in my system and I will be sleeping tonight.