I came across an article that I thoroughly enjoyed and put some interesting perspective on something that is taken for granted when a new web.config file is created.  On http://www.aspnetresources.com there was this article on web.config that I found rather intriguing.  I had never thought of the web.config controlling the compile of the pages and thought that the dll or the setting at the top of the page <%@ Page Debug=”true”> did the trick.

Well in this article it illustrates that having the <compilation /> flag of debug=”true” set will cause each page to be compiled into it’s own dll instead of one dll for the directory.  So now I have decided that I will have to check my settings more closely to make sure that my application is behaving as I want it to, not just the default way.

Hope you find the article just as enlightening as I did, and hope to see more from where that came from.  If you want to keep tabs, you can also check out the authors (Milan Negovan) blog.