I encountered a customer today with a question.  Remember I am at BorCon this week.

The question was around the XsltTransform and using parameters.  So I quickly looked up the object and the method of Tranform and found that indeed I could pass parameters in an XsltArgumentList.  Now the question was this.  If I am using the same xslt and the same parameters (obviously), but want to just change the value of the parameter for another run, how do I do this?

So I looked up the XsltArgumentList and found that there is an AddParam, and a GetParam, and a RemoveParam, but there no reference to an indexer, or anything that would allow me to change the value of the parameter without doing a RemoveParam and an AddParam.  Then there is the curious  GetParam and it returning an Object instead of a type of like say XsltArgument so that you can just change the value or the namespace without removing and re-adding with a new value.

Are there any takers?  I could not find anything on it and it would be great to learn a little more about a space that I have little experience in.