I attended the San Jose dotnet User Group  and listened to Brad talk about the CLR.  It was a FANTASTIC talk and was very informative.

We talked about the architecture of the CLR and where the BCL’s sit (that is what Brad worked on is the BCL’s).  He just gave a great talk.

One thing that I thought was interesting is that I actually knew what a Singleton was and how it was defined as a Pattern.  I was pretty much amazed that I understood.  We had a talk in the SLC DotNet User Group about that and Aaron Zupancic (don’t know if Aaron has a blog) gave a great talk on Patterns in development.  Singleton happened to be one of them.  Brad called it the “double check lock”.

Anyone who does not currently attend a User Group, should hop onto INETA’s website and find the local one and get involved.  It is a great time and you even learn things.

Great job Brad.