I thought I would post my adventures with .Text setup so that some people may benefit.

I currently have a blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/benmiller and this is my space on Microsoft’s turf.  I have had a personal blog out on www.benmiller.net/blog and have not done much to publicize it.  So I thought that instead of cluttering up the site and having to avoid the /blog application on benmiller.net I would make a blog site at http://blog.benmiller.net.

So the first thing I did was to put the code that I used for my original personal blog on my new site.  Then I used the same database which is a great thing about .Text and the configs.  I then proceeded to do the IIS mapping described, which is to map .* to the aspnet_isapi.dll in IIS. I tried to pull up the site and it was gross looking. 

I got really frustrated after I added the blog to the blog_config table and browsed the new site and got nothing but a weird page.  To make a long story short, I found out that if you have the .* mapped to the ISAPI, then you have to add the following lines to the web.config:

<HttpHandler pattern = "(\.config|\.asax|\.ascx|\.config|\.cs|\.csproj|\.vb|\.vbproj|\.webinfo|\.asp|\.licx|\.resx|\.resources)$" type = "Dottext.Framework.UrlManager.HttpForbiddenHandler, Dottext.Framework" handlerType = "Direct" />
<HttpHandler pattern = "(\.gif|\.js|\.jpg|\.zip|\.jpeg|\.jpe|\.css)$" type = "Dottext.Common.UrlManager.BlogStaticFileHandler, Dottext.Common" handlerType = "Direct" />

You can remove the above if you do not map .* to aspnet_isapi.dll.

Then I found out that I could view the blogs, but could not for the life of me login to the admin.  I could post an entry from another application (newsgator) and the post would show up.  Well, after a long time of trying whatever I could, I thought I would try to login to my blog.benmiller.net on another machine.  Well, I was able to.  Now what?

I noticed that when I went to http://www.benmiller.net/blog that I was already logged in so I could just go into admin.  I began to think about cookies, and since I had different usernames and passwords for each site, there had to be a conflict.

This is what I found.  I found out that a cookie was being written for benmiller.net and it was conflicting with me trying to login to the admin on http://blog.benmiller.net since benmiller.net is the root domain.  When I deleted that cookie, I was able to login to my admin on blog.benmiller.net.

I am clear now and will make sure that I don’t have conflicting cookies any more.

I hope that this helps someone, and I would be happy to answer any questions about what I found, as this was a 3 day process.

Happy Blogging.