I have a project that I am wondering about using either XSLT or the .NET Framework 2.0 to transform an XML document into a table and then bind it. I know that I can bind XML in ways, but I am in a bind on this one and am more familiar with Framework coding in C# rather than XSLT.

I have run into a problem trying to get a URL into the xslt template using <a href=”something”>something</a> with the href being formed by part URL and part <xsl:value-of select=”something” />. It fails because I am not very good with it yet. Anyone with help or ideas, please feel free to suggest. I am going to go about it using .NET in C# and will entertain any XSLT help that anyone wants to provide.

I have been to www.topxml.com and www.xmlforasp.net and found some things that are basic, but nothing about how to use XSLT to put html elements together.

More to come as I finish this project.