I have an MDA and just recently bought a Dash for use. I love the SmartPhone concept and decided to return to it. I installed Voice Command on it. I found out that there was no way to map a button, at least that I know of, since the there is no App1 – App6 buttons. I do a lot of calling ad hoc with my contacts, and putting voice tags in every contact for each phone number would be quite a laborious task for me.

I have a Bluetooth headset (Motorola H700) and with the Dash and the H700, if you push the bluetooth headset button, you get VoiceDial, and not VoiceCommand. This is not really helpful since I need VoiceCommand because I am so used to it with my MDA, that I have come to rely on it.

One night I was playing with the phone, and my wife even wanted one, so she was using hers to figure out some functions, and I came across a fun little workaround for getting voice command to work with the Bluetooth headset button, and without using any hacks like replacing files in ROM, etc.

I found out that you can use a Voice Tag for an application. VoiceDial is activated when you press and hold the Home button, or press the Bluetooth headset button. So I recorded a voice tag for VoiceCommand. I now can hold down the Home button, or push the Bluetooth headset button and say "Voice" and voila, VoiceCommand activates and I am off and running.

I thought I would share as it was a little fun for me to find that I could get to my VoiceCommand while driving, etc. Not to mention, that I can have voice tags for applications.

Happy Mobiling.