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  • Blog Post: Setting up a new .Text site (personal)

    I thought I would post my adventures with .Text setup so that some people may benefit. I currently have a blog at and this is my space on Microsoft’s turf. I have had a personal blog out on and have not done much to publicize it. So I thought...
  • Blog Post: Rob Howard will be speaking at SLC User Group

    I am excited to be able to have Rob Howard come and speak to our User Group tomorrow at 6:00 PM. Salt Lake is growing in the .NET space and in the recognition of the need for User Group meetings. Rob is coming with the INETA Speakers Bureau and will be our speaker for the night. For those in the Salt...
  • Blog Post: Directory name changes in ASP.NET 2.0

    Be sure to get a look at Brian Goldfarb’s post on directory name changes for ASP.NET 2.0.
  • Blog Post: Christian Weyers WsContractFirst add-in

    I just downloaded Christian Weyer’s WsContractFirst Visual Studio Add-In. I wanted to try it because I want to bind the results of the webservices I call to a DataGrid or another databind-able control. This worked like a champ. On the above site it explains what the tool does, but I wanted to tell...
  • Blog Post: Imaging in .NET

    I was playing around with an ASP project and used the ASPImage from to do some stuff in ASP to resize and change DPI, etc. But I wanted to do this in ASP.NET so that I could mass change the image sizes and create thumbnails (sort of). So I did a google search of [image resize .net]...
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