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  • Blog Post: Sharing my Ride

    This morning I started something new.  Microsoft has started a vanpool to help employees in the Santa Cruz area get to work.  This is pretty low-tech but also pretty darn cool. Today I jumped on the bus so to speak.  With gas at $4 it certainly makes sense financially to do it.  I...
  • Blog Post: Research that Rocks

    I read an article today about some of the projects that Microsoft Research is working on that got me excited. I have to admit I'm just average when it comes to taking photos. When I first got into photography I was "all in". I bought an expensive 35mm camera. I took courses. I even developed my own negatives...
  • Blog Post: Deep Shift now open for business

    Well, I guess I'm yet another Microsoftie to start a blog. I've only just recently joined Microsoft and have been lurking for the past couple of months. Let me start by letting you know what I do at Microsoft. My name is Ben Riga. I'm a Platform Evangelist on a team called Lodestar which is part of the...
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