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  • Blog Post: Using TFS 2008 Power Tools to modify server's offline state

    Normally to reset your client's view of a TFS server from Offline to Online, you would 'Go Online' with a solution bound to that server. The server's offline state is reset as part of this operation. If you want to manually mark your server as Online (or Offline), you can modify the Offline and AuoReconnect...
  • Blog Post: How to make TFS Offline strictly solution-based

    For some users it may be a bit offputting that taking one solution offline causes all other solutions bound to that same server to go offline when they are opened (assuming no "Go Online" operations in the interim). There is a registry key value that may be specified to tell VS to ignore the server-based...
  • Blog Post: When and how does my solution go "offline"?

    TFS 2008 adds improved support for "offline" scenarios. This blog post identifies the scenarios under which a solution will be placed in "offline" mode. If the Visual Studio IDE is unable to connect to the TFS server when it is opening the solution, then it will mark the solution as being offline...
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