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November, 2011

  • The Brain Dump

    Rx ensures Unsubscribe

    I recently had an ObservableCollection which did not currently contain the item I was interested in, but it would sometime in the near future. The questions is how best to get notified that the item is available so I could access its full property set...
  • The Brain Dump

    Windows Phone travel tip – pin your map locations

    Whenever I’m travelling I always have two freshly pinned tiles at the bottom of my start screen. Before I leave, I use my phone to look up the hotel I’m staying at and the location I’m visiting (like a customer’s address) and pin them both to the start...
  • The Brain Dump

    Populating Windows Phone view models with Rx

    I’ve gotten rather fond of using the Reactive Extensions for populating my data from the web in my Windows Phone applications. They provide a lot of flexibility and the code stays in a readable form. To demonstrate in a traditional MVVM model, let’s drop...
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