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  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Tip #2: Pin your data tips

    Most people know that when you are debugging, you can hover the mouse over a variable in your code and the tool tip will provide you the current value. For example, if I hover over the “uri” variable below it shows me that it’s current content is “
  • Blog Post: Live fx Helper Class

    Everyone seems to have their own Live fx helper class. I use one myself to cleanup the sample code that I build to demonstrate functionality or to reproduce reported problems. In the past in the forums I’ve just put a little caveat into discussion to ignore that section of the code because it is indeed...
  • Blog Post: Local LOE and Fiddler woe

    Fiddler and the Live fx Resource Browser are the dynamic duo that debug my Live Framework applications. Recently I started doing some things that were specific to the local Live Operating Environment (LOE) and  Fiddler doesn’t do that by default. In order to use Fiddler with a local port you have...
  • Blog Post: Cleaning up my mesh

    After working with the Live Framework for a while I tended to accumulate a lot of random Mesh Objects as I build little samples to test this or that. I was just leaving these laying around but it was starting to clutter my account. And since the objects order is not the same on each request I have to...
  • Blog Post: Large web site project vs Visual Studio

    So I discovered a limit in Visual Studio . It apparently doesn't handle 1.4 GB of data in 40,000 files in a web site very well. I killed the process after it was "Validating the web site..." for over an hour. I finally figured out I needed to build a smaller Deep Zoom image for testing just...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight debugging tip

    I'm building a Deep Zoom application and have been frustrated when it often has some stupid bug (my own of course) and the whole app just disappears. Eventually I realized a quick and dirty snippet I plan to drop into every future Silverlight app. Its not a replacement for the debugger, but its great...
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