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  • Blog Post: TwitterDrive rocks!

    Once we get the kinks out of TwitterDrive , maybe we should add an RDP player on top of it so you can broadcast your desktop to everyone who wants to watch you read your email during the day. Enjoy :)
  • Blog Post: Theme change!

    Just changed the them on the blog. Not because I like the new one, but purely because I have some posts coming up which can’t display properly. Long method signatures and fancy LINQ queries tend to get cut off and don’t fit will in a confined space. For now, form wins over function. Hopefully I’ll have...
  • Blog Post: Disowning a mesh folder

    Small tip: If you have a folder in your mesh that someone else shared to you before the permissions were updated to allow “read only” permissions, you are still an “owner” on the folder. Today I was copying a 1.2GB folder around and accidentally dropped it onto someone else’s folder which I need read...
  • Blog Post: Note to self: Plane travel

    Never, never, never sit in front of Angus on a plane. Corollary: If I do have to, make sure to proactively go after the bribe.
  • Blog Post: Wallpaper your desktop with Mesh

    Due to popular demand, yesterday Vikas posted a zip file with a bunch of the various Live Mesh desktop backgrounds.
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