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March, 2008

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I work in Microsoft's Business Productivity Infrastructure team

Most of our focus is in tuning productivity towards maximum ROI and effectiveness and looking at new and innovative technologies that deliver the next wave of productivity growth in the new world of work.

Bernard Clark

Snr. Product Manager - Microsoft BPI

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    Intelligent Insight on PerformancePoint : The road to business/IT alignment

    Kudos to Ben Tamblyn for discovering this. Business/IT Alignment is such an old (the article references all the way back to the 60's) problem that its almost unbelievable that it still isn't happening. That's not to say it never happens, but we shouldn...
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    Sorry it's been a while

    Really, I am. But its for good reason. In my previous capacity I was an Account Manager for a number of Government organisations in the UK. In my new capacity I am working in the Business Productivity Infrastructure team in Redmond. My remit is to "evangelise"...
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