Some interesting thoughts from InformationWeek.

Collaboration is a challenge/solution/capability applied to a variety of business processes. One that's increasingly common is innovation.

There's a very definite momentum gathering in the formalization of technology driving the innovation process at the creative level.

I've talked before about creativity and how humans need the right tools to be creative. Innovation is the output of creativity and it can be as pronounced as a new product or a disruptive technology, or it can be a fresh approach to a marketing campaign or a business proposal.

Innovation is definitely a collaborative process. The great thing about a multi-faceted Business Productivity Infrastructure is the way it facilitates the collaborative, communicative and research-based components of idea generation and development.

Deborah Hopkins was recently appointed Chief Innovation Officer at Citi. A recognition of IT's role in innovation and the importance of innovation as an enabler of business advantage if ever I saw one.

What CIOs Say About Innovation And Web 2.0 Tools - CIOs Uncensored Blog - InformationWeek