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July, 2008

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I work in Microsoft's Business Productivity Infrastructure team

Most of our focus is in tuning productivity towards maximum ROI and effectiveness and looking at new and innovative technologies that deliver the next wave of productivity growth in the new world of work.

Bernard Clark

Snr. Product Manager - Microsoft BPI

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    Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile! : How quickly do you expect a response on email?

    Good find by Jason. In line with my previous post, customers have far greater expectations on how rapidly organizations can react to their needs. That can range from delivering a product to replying to e-mail. One very powerful tool that BPI offers is...
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    Are the risk averse most at risk?

    In IBM's "The Enterprise of the Future" there is a profile of "financial outperformers" and "underperformers" driven by research from the Global CEO Study series. This is accompanied by the statement "financial outperformers...
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    What is Search?

    Examining the Oxford English Dictionary, there are more definitions than one might expect. It's no surprise, therefore, with so many definitions of "search" in the English language, that defining it in the context of a technology solution and...
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