Good find by Jason.

In line with my previous post, customers have far greater expectations on how rapidly organizations can react to their needs. That can range from delivering a product to replying to e-mail.

One very powerful tool that BPI offers is the delivery of that information directly to all levels of the organization.

The hardest thing about answering an e-mail is generally finding the answer to the question the sender asked. If it's not at your fingertips the asynchronous nature of e-mail allows us to postpone our response and procrastinate in a way the phone doesn't allow us. That's not to say that we're not under the same strain on the phone. It is costly to spend any more time than is necessary on the phone, and doesn't leave customers any more satisfied either.

BPI can help get important information to everyone's fingertips. Customer's expect your organization to have that capability.

Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile! : How quickly do you expect a response on email?