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  • Blog Post: Business Productivity - Projects or Platforms and the search for innovation

    If there's anything that we're all agreed on, Carr, Thorp, Brynjolfsson et al, its that successful return on technology is less about the technology and more about how its used. In fact we can all agree that technology can be a valueless commodity if the framework by which it is delivered into the...
  • Blog Post: The Seven Pillars of Productivity

    So firstly, credit to Erik Brynjolfsson for his work on this topic. So what are the Seven Pillars? 1. Move from analog to digital processes 2. Open information access 3. Empower the employees 4. Use merit-based incentives...
  • Blog Post: Productivity optimisation

    Is there such a thing? I think so. Many have tried to work out how best to measure what productivity is and how to realise it. I think the problem with previous measurements has been the inputs taken and the subsequent outputs. Brynjolfsson I think is the most articulate on the subject, but a lot of...
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