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  • Blog Post: //steve clayton: geek in disguise : Unilever staff use Facebook

    Another good spot from Steve. I blogged about Software Consumarization before. The Unilever example is not atypical. Businesses from all walks of life are finding it challenging to integrate a digitally enabled workforce into an organization viewed by that workforce as digitally disabled. Call...
  • Blog Post: The "Alignment Trap" - Part 4 ... In conclusion

    The essential concept of the alignment trap is that a poorly performing or excessively complex IT organization won't accomplish the desired business outcomes regardless of how well aligned IT is to those outcomes. I would also argue that the concept of BPI is to consolidate and simplify discrete productivity...
  • Blog Post: The "Alignment Trap" - Part 3

    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Its not often that Leonardo da Vinci is quoted in a business journal, but its probably also rare that these words carry such relevance. Investing in Effectiveness is one of the tips in the article. What this refers to is the agility challenge. This is...
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