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  • Blog Post: Business Productivity - Projects or Platforms and the search for innovation

    If there's anything that we're all agreed on, Carr, Thorp, Brynjolfsson et al, its that successful return on technology is less about the technology and more about how its used. In fact we can all agree that technology can be a valueless commodity if the framework by which it is delivered into the...
  • Blog Post: On the subject of Carr

    I'm not sure whether anyone's still talking about Mr Carr's book/article anymore. However its probably safe to assume that one or two people are still thinking about it. As I mentioned below, another one of my recent re-reads was "Does IT Matter?". This is a good book, but for many reasons...
  • Blog Post: Some things never change

    I went on vacation recently - Egypt if anyone's interested. Gave me a chance to catch up on my reading, some new some a re-read. One of my re-reads was the "Harvard Business Review on The Business Value of IT". Not your average holiday read know... First in the anthology was a Davenport piece...
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