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  • Blog Post: Request ADFS Security Token with PowerShell

    In the course of my work I often have need to investigate end-to-end protocol flows. For example, I want to see an RST being generated, I want to see HTTP 302 or 200 responses coming back from a server, and I want to see what my SOAP messages actually look like on the wire. Unfortunately for me and fortunately...
  • Blog Post: Decrypt secure strings in PowerShell

    Before I show you how to decrypt a SecureString quickly in PowerShell, let's explain why this is something an administrator should be aware of and able to do and why this doesn't constitue a "hack" or circumvention of security. What I'm demonstrating isn't a magic trick - it's by design! SecureStrings...
  • Blog Post: Double-hop authentication: Why NTLM fails and Kerberos works

    A common scenario in SharePoint is the need to retrieve data from back-end data sources – external databases, Web services, reports via SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and data cubes via Analysis Services are some common examples. Often these data sources need to be accessed as the original user...
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