About Me and this Blog

About Me and this Blog

NOTE: The opinions expressed here are MY OWN and are not necessarily those of my employer, partners, customers, friends, or family. ALL content presented AS-IS, for entertainment purposes only with ABSOLUTLY NO WARRANY expressed or implied.

Now that's out of the way, here's a little something about me and this blog...

I'm a Senior Program Manager on the Visual Studio team and a community champion for .NET developers, working with the open source community and the .NET Foundation. I manage content and community activities for our engineering team as well as internal and external events and user groups. I'm having a blast on GitHub contributing to open source.

Before Microsoft, I spent many years building business apps for small businesses as well as large enterprises, primarily on the .NET stack and was a Microsoft MVP. I am a speaker at various software development events and you can find me on a variety of developer sites. Follow me on twitter and GitHub: @BethMassi

This blog is meant to showcase .NET developer community content, links, announcements and other Visual Studio "coolness" but it will also contain my personal ramblings :-).