What are your favorite VB sites?

What are your favorite VB sites?

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I've been trolling the web for really great Visual Basic community and content sites. I just stumbled upon visualbasic.about.com which contains a ton of content on Visual Basic especially for beginners. I haven't looked through the site completely but at first glance it looks like a good set of tutorials. What are your favorite Visual Basic community or content sites?
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  •  I've had the "About" site on my Favorites list for a while.  The Dan Mabbutt items on VB are almost always worth a read.  

     They also offer a newsletter style course on various VB.NET topics.  It's free and they send out an item or two each week via email if you subscribe to it.

    (I was going to follow up your question of "What are your favourite Visual Basic Community sites?" with a link to www.vbcity.com but I see you've beaten me to it in your next blog item!  :-}   )

  • My favorite VB site is http://visualbasic.freetutes.com. 'Cause I own it. :)

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