Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

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This week I've been going though the web looking for some great VB community sites and influencers. I started out by looking through all the Visual Basic MVP profiles -- and although I know a lot of them already, there are a total of 183 profiles up there! I was digging into them at first just to get a list of MVP Blogs for the VB Community page but then realized that a lot of them have great websites and links to other community sites they enjoy like these,, It's also been a lot of fun just looking at everyone's picture. Help me get to know you and send me your favorite sites :-)


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  • Okay I just realized that I wasn't allowing anonymous comments. Doh! It should be fixed now, if not, click the email link on the sidebar and let me know.

  • Beth,

    I've heard such good things about you.  Im looking forward to reading your posts on VB.   Congrats on the new position.  Would you believe Im not really a developer, Im actually a Quality Assurance Engineer, but I do use different programming languages in my day to day tasks, in the different tools that I use.  I follow a lot of the MSFT bloggers also.  Best of luck.

  •  Nice to see up there in pole position, Beth :-}  

     There are several Moderators on the site who are VB MVPs -  incuding djjeavons, newly awarded in April and the (g)host of VBCity himself, SergeB.

      VBCity (and the sister site devCity.Net) have a lot of resources including forums, FAQs, Code Bank, Articles and even free online courses with one-to-one dialog and feedback between students and tutor.  

      Personally, the feature I'm most proud of are the two "Newbies" Forums -


      where the ground rule is "There's no such thing as a dumb question".   Anyone can enter a Newbies Forum secure in the knowledge that they won't be put down or see their newbie questions scoffed at - and the successful answer rate in these two forums runs in the high 90%s most of the time.  

    Ged Mead

    MS MVP (Visual Basic)

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