"Live From Redmond: Orcas Overview" Webcast Rescheduled!

"Live From Redmond: Orcas Overview" Webcast Rescheduled!

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Live Meeting had quite a few technical dificulties this morning so we've recheduled the Live From Redmond: VB9 - Orcas Overview webcast for Tuesday April 24th at 9am. Sincerest apologies from the Visual Basic team. The Visual Basic Developer Center has also been updated with the new schedule. Hope you'll give John another shot, the overview of the new tools and designer enhancements in Orcas are worth it, trust me! :-)
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  • Hi, Beth: Do you intend to post the same info to both this blog and the VB Team blog? I subscribe to both, but if the posts will be duplicated, I'd like to pick one. Thanks, and congrats on the new job!

  • Hi Phil,

    The only duplicated posts will be ones that I put onto the VB Blog myself (only 2 so far). Other VB team members post to the VB blog with great technical information and code samples. This blog will contain less technical community information and all sorts of other more personal and less formal stuff. I would urge you to subscribe to both :-). And please feel free to send me items you would be interested in seeing from the VB team or on the VB Dev Center.

    Thanks for your support!

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