Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0 Released!

Interop Forms Toolkit 2.0 Released!

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You don't have to rewrite your Visual Basic 6 applications to take advantage of the .NET framework, you can use .NET right in your VB 6 apps using the Interop Forms Toolkit.

The Interop Forms Toolkit simplifies the process of displaying .NET forms and controls in your VB 6 applications by wrapping your .NET code with COM wrappers automatically for you and allowing you to expose .NET properties, events and methods to your VB 6 application easily. Additionally in this new 2.0 version, interop UserControls allow you to host any .NET control on a VB 6 form as if it was a real ActiveX control.  This means you can extend your existing VB 6 applications by taking advantage of the rich library of controls that .NET has to offer.

Let's face it, no one wants to rewrite an application especially if it's working and solving real business problems. Not to mention the huge investments in re-development and testing. So instead of upgrading the entire code base, these applications can now be extended one form at a time. The goal is a phased upgrade, with production releases at the end of each iteration containing both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic .NET forms running in the same Visual Basic 6 process.

Most importantly, the Toolkit guides you down a migration path that allows you to focus on writing code that adds business value instead of infrastructure and interop code.

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  • Beth,

    Thanks for getting the word out.  I'll take a look at this ASAP!


  • Hi    

    I'd like to create a form that each record has some details, after select the record with pushing a button,

    it is opened another window to show details informations.

      According to The fist video in Visual Basic Interop Video Series section from

    VideoSeries  learning at MSDN website,,

    we must download interopForm toolkit from the website then in the new project window appear an icon that

    is calles interopform template, then I must go to VB6 & do sth for reaching this purpose.

    It means Firstly,I must have VB Express & VB6


    Secondly, after installing this toolkit that icon wasn't appeared,

    I would be appreciate if you guide me.


  • Hi Mary,

    The Interop Toolkit is for current applications already written in VB6 that want to slowly migrate to the .NET framework. If you are creating NEW applications then VB6 is not required at all. You can create Windows applications in Visual Basic Express directly. Have a look at the Forms over Data Series to get started.



  • Can it be used with Visual Fox Pro 9 ?

  • Hi Bilberry71,

    Yes, the toolkit is used to create .NET controls that are then registered as ActiveX controls which can be used from VFP as well as VB. Check out these posts for info:



  • Hi Beth,

    I have a problem. I have an existing application written in vb6. I want to extend it using .net controls. But I do not have any idea how to expose a .net control such as textbox with all of its properties, events and methods to vb6 forms. I would really appreciate if you provide a step-by-step tutorial for this as you do in your videos.



  • Hi Nasir,

    The videos on Interop Forms toolkit will help get you started. In particular, watch the one on creating User Controls.



  • Thanks for the reply,

    I really like the way you explain in the videos.

    I have watched the video, but the problem I am facing is using the datasource, dataField, DataMember, BackColor properties. I need to create a control that will expose the same properties as the vb6 textbox. But I can not implement the DataSource property and the others as they are not supported by .net. I am using VB.Net 2008. I have been searching through forums but did not find any comprehensive solution. I am really stuck here. I have an already implemented application in vb6 but I need to replace the textboxes with new .net textboxes! so I need a control which will expose the same properties and methods as a native vb6 textbox.

    I look forward to your help


  • That's great news... thanks for the toolkit link...

  • Hi!! there I ahve a Programming dilemma ,. I have a Createafile and FileSaveasName that doesnt work in 3.5 where do I find the proper Commands so I can get all My fast Macros Back??. Or will this toolkit help Me ??

  • Hi Beth,

    I like interop tool kit but I have  a question, is there any way how i can access vb6 forms in .net usercontrol ? Any help is appreciated


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