Forms over Data Video Series #2 is Live!

Forms over Data Video Series #2 is Live!

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I just uploaded more videos to Microsoft Downloads! I wanted to post the direct links here and the matching code downloads for all of you immediately even though MSDN will be creating a pretty landing page like this one for them this week, probably tomorrow or Wednesday. (I'll update this post when that's up).

Download the Forms over Data Video Series #2 and the associated code now!

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  • Hi Beth,

    Been watching your videos and they are great. Thanks.

    In one of the first you write some stored procedures which include the Timestamp. Can you explain how to use this in VB.NET. I'm having trouble capturing it and sending it.

  • I am creating a data entry form based on a parent child table relationship using vb 2008 and sql compact 3.5.  I viewed your updating related tables video #17 (multiple times), however, I continue to get the "can't insert foriegn key due to no primary key error".  I made all of the changes as per the video including receating the oms db (same error).  Any suggestion on what the problem may be?

  • Hi Beth,

    All examples are based on graphical data components such as DataSet, BindingDatasource, etc.

    Is there any sample that these components and relations between the tables are created programatically?

    Thank you.


  • Hello Beth,

    I am trying to get the add, update and delete rows datagridview. When I try to do any of these actions, it does not update the database. I am trying to update the database when user leaves the current row. Also, if there is any validation or dataerror, I want user to either correct the entered values or press esc to come out of the edit mode. I am using VS2005.

    Any suggestions?

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Vikas,

    When you move off of a row in the grid, the in-memory datasource it is bound to (i.e. the DataTable) is updated not the database. This is for scalability reasons. To update the DataTable you need to call the TableAdapter.Update method.

    Here are some videos that will help with that as well as validation:



  • Thanks for your input Beth.

    Let me explain this in detail, what I am trying to achieve.

    I have a menu control with all the entities (Employee, Location etc..). Employee has location as foreign key.

    Clicking on menu items, show the datagridview corresponding to that entity.

    Location column in the employee datagrid is a combobox with all the locations and is mandatory.

    Now, what I am trying to achive is if the user starts entering employee information (name, Role, Location) and

    if location does not exists, then he/she should be able to go to location datagridview. enter the location detail. This should refresh the location combobox with new values.

    The problem is as I am in the edit mode of employee datagridview and as location is mandatory. It does not allow me to navigate to location datagridview, without cancelling the cancelling the changes.

    Hope this explain my problem. Any suggestions.

    Thanks a lot.


  • I just uploaded more videos to Microsoft Downloads! I wanted to post the direct links here and the matching code downloads for all of you immediately even though MSDN will be creating a pretty landing page like this one for them this week, probably tomorro

  • Hi Beth... I've been following your Forms over Data videos and they've been a huge help. Thanks bunches for your continuing efforts. However, I'm stumped on how to get column validation working as shown in Video 9: How do I add Validation. I've created the methods in the partial class behind the dataset designer and have validated that the events are firing on the ColumnChanged and TableNewRow events (via console.writeline statement and stepping through the code), I've also made sure my DataGridView control's EditMode is EditOnEnter.  Trouble is, my datagridview is not displaying the text or the error icon via the SetColumnError method. Any insight you might be able to offer is greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work.

  • Hi Beth,

    Thank you for the LINQ videos, they are very helpful for a newbie like me. I have a question about using LINQ in Microsoftreportviewer in  vs2008. I'm having problem viewing data from an associate table. I have a Transacation, and a Payor table. the relationship is m:1.   here is my statement

           Dim dlOptions As New System.Data.Linq.DataLoadOptions

           dlOptions.LoadWith(Of TLITransaction)(Function(t) t.Payor)

           dbContext.LoadOptions = dlOptions

           Dim invtrans As System.Linq.IQueryable(Of TLI.Audit.DAL.TLITransaction)

           Dim invtrans = From trans In dbContext.TLITransactions _

                              Join stat In dbContext.StatusValues On trans.Status Equals stat.StatusID _

                              Join pyr In dbContext.Payors On trans.PayorID Equals pyr.PayorID _

                              Where trans.PayorID IsNot Nothing And stat.Classification = "Invoiced" _

                              Select trans

    TransactionBindingSource.DataSource = trans


    I created a reportviewer and add a list control and table on to it.

    I also added a Transaction data source to the project (which has the payor table hanging off of it).

    I dag the transid into the table detail row and next to it the payorname, and group by transid.

    when I run it I only see the tranid data and not the payorname data. do you have any idea? I thought it was because LINQ was default to use lazy loading so i did some research and put in eager loading to pull back both table at one time but that didn't seems to work either. Please help me.

  • Hi again Beth...

    Further to my note dated May 31, I thought I'd try creating a new form and dragging the table onto it from the datasources tab. Success. All worked as indicated in the video. The validation worked fine. The only difference between the datagridviews on the two forms is that the one that worked had all datagridview properties set to their default values. The datagridview control that doesn't work, I had changed numerous properties - too numerous to mention here. Next steps are to change each of the properties (one at a time) to see if I can determine which one causes the validations to fail. Thanks again for your continued efforts in sharing the goodness.

  • I just uploaded more videos to Microsoft Downloads! I wanted to post the direct links here and the matching code downloads for all of you immediately even though MSDN will be creating a pretty landing page like this one for them this week, probably tomorro

  • Hi Beth,

    I have watched your videos a few times and I am still having a heck of a time to setup my database/tables and datagridview. I am building an ap where I show 4 datagrids, each representing 1 route per day. Each route reps a work crew.  I created a spreadsheet with some data and imported it into access.  I used that as my dbase.  I am trying to figure out how to have a monthcalendar click bring up the clicked date(all four routes should be sync'd to that date.  The should all show the data that I put into the spreadsheet.  Each route should display only 8 rows of data and want to not allow scrolling down past the eighth row.  Could you point me in the right direction?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • hi beth...

    i'm using ms access as back-end... but i have a problem with parametized query i don't how to make.. unlike ms sql its easy... can you show me a sample?

  • Hi Key,

    I'm not an Access expert so I'm not sure of the subtle differences in SQL syntax between Access and SQL. However, it's possible that you are running into the lack of support the Jet provider (Access db driver) has with named parameters, it only supports ordered parameters. Instead of SQL parameters @param syntax, just use a question mark instead i.e. Select * Where Field = ?



  • Hi Beth!

    I love your work. all the videos and codes are very helpful!

    im making reports and have been following your 15reportviewer

    however it doesnt talk about using parameters...

    i made a query

    SELECT        bookings.Booking_no, bookings.POL, bookings.POD, bookings.shipment_date, Customer.Customer_ID, Customer.Industry, Customer.Address,

                            Customer.Company_name, Customer.Contact_no, Customer.Account_type

    FROM            bookings INNER JOIN

                            cust_history ON bookings.Booking_no = cust_history.booking_no INNER JOIN

                            Customer ON cust_history.customer_ID = Customer.Customer_ID

    WHERE        (Customer.Customer_ID = @Customer_ID)

    in the parameter report i went and typed Customer_ID, but when i run the report it claims that the parameter is missing.

    im building it on VS2008, vb

    pls help!!

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