How-Do-I Videos for Visual Basic on MSDN

How-Do-I Videos for Visual Basic on MSDN

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The How-Do-I videos page on MSDN went up today with all the new videos I created and a much better page layout! There's even a featured videos section at the top. Now that we've got the page up and three series' started, expect to see more regular releases of videos as I create them. Next up -- VS 2008 videos! :-) And keep the feedback coming.


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  • These are great videos, where can i find addtional videos, that would cover addtional topics on stored procedures.

  • Beth,

    I like to use Public Properties to store database data and functions to connection to the data source and filter a data view based on an id or other field in the table and populate the public properties that I need.

    I am curious what your take on using Public Properties is?  I haven't watched your latest videos on advance data binding, but if you haven't touch on this...could you show us how you would do that in a new video?

    Again thanks for the videos...they are really put together well.

  • Hi Chuck,

    Check out these videos on SQL Server Express:, #12 talks about stored procedures.



  • Hi Dustin,

    Have you looked at the Object Binding Series videos I created?

    Basically those show you how to create the business classes manually for data-binding and shows filtering, sorting and searching. It doesn't specifically show how to connect these to a database because that is up to you how you want to do that. You can create them from datasets or by connecting directly to the database and filling them manually.



  • Hi Beth,

    Many thanks first of all for the initiatives by MS team and especially you for the video series!!

    I have been using VB for quite some time now and never before I have experienced such a wonderful learning.

    As a suggestion,moving ahead I would like see the "theory" of software development like architecture, usability, SOA, etc being featured in the video series.

    Once again, keep up the excellent work you are doing!!


  • First of all, thanks for sharing VB '05, especially for the beginner like me.  I Started using VB 6 a year ago, but I preferred using VB.Net 2003 than it. Creating Database App by dragging control or using wizard like on your video seem faster and easier, but in some detailed or complex things, it's too difficult and too bored. For Example, first, The Use of binding Navigator as a must in all forms is boring (in 2003 I use separated button control). Second, I got no result as I want while I try to write code to add a row in a column named "ID" by increment style without  use integer type in  the control of addbindingnavigator(idtextbox.text= dataset.table.row.count + 1) and many more in detailed things.

    Perhaps you are willing to make other videos in Database App in code in other  time.

    My last comment for you:

    You're the only maker of VB Tutorial Video who are give not only basic example(too easy) but more complex thing and you does not promote yourself


  • Hi Beth

    I've just viewed your interop videos - very enjoyable. Is possible for you to do (or is there already) a video on set up projects (msi)? Things like:

    distibuting a service

    , adding desktop icons

    , branching so we can have a server and a client install from the same setup

    , running (SQL) scripts  to attach a database or create a SQL database

    and determining prerequites for 3rd party (or vb6run) libraries if not auto detected.

    many thanks


  • Hai beth ,

    I wanna ask something dealing with your video on “one to many filtering”

    If table “orderdetail” doesn’t have “price” column and I move that “price” column in “product” table, how to display the data of “total” in “orderdetail” table.

    In other words, I wanna to display the “total” directly from “Quantity “column.

    Therefore, if the “quantity” changes, the total do too.


  • Hi Beth,

    Very useful videos. Good job.



  • Hi Arman,

    Take a look at this sample application built on the Northwind database:

    It's an application I built for this post:

    But it demonstrates how to create expression-based columns in your dataset so you can use them to calculate totals across related tables. Just open up the Dataset and Take a look at the LineTotal and OrderTotal fields.



  • Hi Ian,

    I created a video on using MSI setup and deployment projects in the context of deploying Interop forms and VB6 applications, it's #3 of the Interop series.

    I also created a video on clickonce deployment and local databases, it's here:

    I'll add to the list on how to update services and databases for a future video :-)



  • Hai Beth,

    Thanks for responding on my answers. However, I still didn’t understand (I’ve downloaded app you’ve made and seen the expression properties of “lineTotal” and “OrderTotal” columns in “orders” dataset).

    What I mean that the “unitPrice” column doesn’t exist in “orderdetail” table and I move that “unitPrice" to “Product” table. So, how I can calculate, for example the “total” column, if it’s in “orderedetail” datatable. In this case, no need “orders” datatable, just “orderdetail” and “product” datatable.

    Lastly, since I’m new in VB 2005, please don’t be bored to me (


  • Hi Beth,

    Just discovered the videos and your blog last week.  Both are great resources!  I am still doing a lot of VFP work but working on more and more .NET projects. Your blog and videos are some of the most useful resources I've found.  For instance, I had no idea how to create reports in .NET (or VS2005).  Now I at least know how to start!  Also, doing some local data stuff with SQLExpress so your local data deployment and using local data videos were just what I needed!

    Keep up the the great work!

  • Hi

    The videos where greate!

    They were really useful for me!


  • Hi,

    Thanks for your valuable vs2005 videos.

    I have a some doubts on vb interop form.

    1. How to create interop method in wrapper class

    2. How to invoke interop method in vb6.



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