Amanda Silver will be Presenting VB and Silverlight on Second Life!

Amanda Silver will be Presenting VB and Silverlight on Second Life!

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If you haven't seen or experienced Second Life it's pretty amazing. It's an online, 3D, digital world. Visual Studio has created an island where you can come listen to live Microsoft presenters in this virtual world's live presentation theater! Amanda Silver will be presenting Visual Basic on Silverlight tomorrow, July 31st at 4pm Pacific time. There's a lot of other fun events you should check out as well.

See you there!



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  • OK -- I give up! Registering for the Second Life site is impossible. The secret word is almost impossible to read, the usename duplicates (but there is no information on the form identifying what user input is the user name, and why do I have to select a last name that is not mine???)

    Really a screwy system IMHO.


  • Impossible to register. Spent more than 5 minutes trying. Really crappy register page.

  • I would like to participate in this event but I cannot get past the registration system.

    I cannot find a last name in the list that the registration system will accept.  If there are names that are used or not accepted, they should be removed from the list.  If you really have to give me a fake last name, and I wish you wouldn’t, then generate it and send it to me in an e-mail.

    The secret word is skewed to the point it is difficult to duplicate and only serves as a deterrent to a smooth and timely registration.

    I have sincerely enjoyed Beth Massi’s videos so I was anxious to see if this presentation had similar value.


  • Sorry for the troubles! I was already registered so I didn't try it. You can try to go throuh the normal registration site here:

    I'll try to figure out who's responsible for the visualstudioisland and let them know.


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