Forms Over Data Video Series - Two More Videos Released

Forms Over Data Video Series - Two More Videos Released

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I just released two more videos (#15, #16) in the Forms Over Data video series. One is on understanding data binding and how it works from database all the way to the controls you see on forms. We talk about the relationship between the TableAdapter, the BindingSource and the DataSet and I show how to work with data in your code.

The second one explains how to update related data tables like I explained in this post. This video doesn't go into how to set up the transactions but you can read about how to do that here. I've also attached the code from the videos here.


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  • Hi Jawad,

    Take a look at this blog post:



  • hi,

    i ave gone through ur videos and

    i am working with the dataset i have a combobox and a gridview.. so when i am navigating through the binding navigator it is working fine .. but when i add som data and refreash the dataset the first next button are working in oppiste manner.. ie the next and last button are dissable please help me for this

    please send me mail regarding this it will be more help full for me..

    my mail id is

  • hi massi,

    do you know what are quick books

  • Beth

    Please can you please teach me how to load and save image file into an MS Access Dbase using VB6.i am a biginner email is : will be very greatful if you do me this favour...take care

  • Beth, please can you also send me MSDN Library for VB 6? In fact i will very th emost hapiest guys if you do me this bless you..

  • hi my name is saleem can you answer my question please

    i made a simple media player with 2005

    it is working well but i had these problems

    1-how can i get all of file names i selected and pressed enter to play them with my application

    i tried startupnext instance event and i got all file names but this was a very slow way and doesn't work well when you have alot of files

    i mean i have to wait every file name to be sent to an instance of my application

    please can you tell me what the way is to do that(

    maybe the way that is used in windows media player)

    2- how can i next the song by pressing nextmedia button while my application is minimized and i am working on another program like a word ...

    3- i can drag and drop files from windows explorer

    to my playlist

    but i cant drag files from openfiledialoge to my play list

    thank you

  • I am developing databound application where I am putting all the datavalidation on dataset (in table.columnchanged event by setting row.setcolumnerror and also in tablenewrow event). Before saving the record i use dataset.haserror to check if it contains any errors. It work fine with when i edit and save the existing records, but while adding new records dataset.haserror always return false eventhough many row.setcolumnerror has been set.

    I hope u understand my problem.

    Eagerly awaiting your solution.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Beth and thank you so much for your "How do I" video series and this blog. It is very educational for people. I have a question for you. In your video "How to create a Search Form" you are showing how to implement search by using gatagrid (not a detail view) on the form. Can you guide me or lead me into the right direction if I am using detail view such as text boxes. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Beth, My name is Sisi, I must say, you rock! Thank you so much, your videos have turned me to a programming fan, At first I didn't enjoy it at all, but now I love programming because of your videos, Thanks a lot. Please inform me of your new videos.

    my email:

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Sisi,

    I'll be releasing more videos soon. You can always check the VB dev center ( for more videos or subscribe to the video feed on the home page.



  • Hai.. beth messi..

    i really want learn visual studio .net

    but i don't know where i must start to learn

    plzz tell me..

    where i can learn... ??

    pllzzz.. beth messi

  • it was so much useful watching ur video. i could sucessfully update the two related tables in my form but now i need to deal with 4 related tables is the same form (customer : parent) , (order : child) and the (order) table is the parent of (order_details) and (payment) child tables. please help me with this , thanks in advance

  • Hi Ahmed,

    The technique is the same with two related children. Here's a video that shows how to set up the relationship between a parent and a single child.

    Just follow the same settings on the second relation as the first. Then the TableAdapterManager will perform the updates in the proper order.



  • thanks beth you are the best!

    but i need help. i'm having trouble on a search form. how do you make a search with dates. like i want to select only registrys on this month. or year. or an specific date.?

  • Dear Beth

    Thank for your video series. And i have a question for you

    When i working with DataGridView, can i use two or more datasource for One DataGridView.

    I mean, for instance,

    As you show in LookUp List video

    You Create Product Lookup in OrderDetail's DataGridView, u just create ProductNo(that have relation with orderdetail) but i want to add some field from product table at the same grid(example some description about the product we select).

    Need To show (ProductNo) and (ProductName)  something like this.

    For Entry we select ProductID(from ProductID Lookup Combobox) in the DataGridView

    and other colum show the Name of the Product we Selected(by Retrieve form Product Table)

    All in All

    can i show ProductID  and Product Name at OrderDetail Datagridview

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