Channel9 Interview: Scott Wisniewski on Extension Methods in Visual Basic 9.0

Channel9 Interview: Scott Wisniewski on Extension Methods in Visual Basic 9.0

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I just posted an interview with Scott on Channel9 where he talks about extension methods, a new language feature in Visual Basic 9.0:

In this in interview Scott Wisniewski, a Developer on the Visual Basic Team, talks about Extension Methods and shows us a couple interesting LINQ providers. In his own unique way, Scott dives into the meaning of Extension Methods and how they can extend types with discoverable methods which are part of the underpinnings of LINQ. He walks through some code written as an extension to LINQ query results to generate pie charts and then dives into a LINQ provider he built that hooks into Performance Monitor to give you real-time statistics on your LINQ queries. You can also read Scott's MSDN Magazine article here.


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  • Hi Beth,

    I am working on a project where I need to present data in a listview that the user can use to select and load the data from the server.  This is research application and I could be pulling 100K rows from the database (SQL Server 2005 x64).  I am using VS2005 and populating using the fill method.  

    1.  Is there a way to report the progress while I retrieve and fill the dataset?

    2.  Is there a better method to pull the data - streaming? (similar to WMV streaming files where the bit are downloaded in the background as the user watches the video)?  The data has to be in the dataset and I keep accessing rows within once the dataset is filled?

    3.  Is the same app was to use LINQ how to go by doing this?  



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