Meet the Visual Basic Team Page on MSDN

Meet the Visual Basic Team Page on MSDN

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Today we updated the Visual Basic Developer Center with pictures and bios of some of the VB team members that bring you this amazing product. There's now a picture strip across the Team Blog section on the Home Page and when you click that it brings you to the Meet the Team page. When you click on the pictures or names on that page, it'll bring you into their personal RSS feed on the VB Team Blog.

Also, if you haven't noticed, we've now got a new community articles section on the Community page and are now featuring MVPs that submit articles. Thanks to Jim Duffy for kicking this off!

Also many many many thanks to Kerby over at MSDN, you so rock! And stay tuned for more changes coming soon!


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  • Ms. Massi,

    Your videos are super and have helped me understand portions of database development that were not clear to me.

    By chance do you, or someone you may know, provide videos on graphics, or know of a good book on the subject? I like to put a lot of lines and shapes onto my applications. I miss the VB6 line and shape controls found in the toolbox. They made things fast and simple.

    Again thank you for your talents and knowledge. I wish you health and happiness, Adios,

        Jaime Lucero

  • Hi Jamie,

    The VB Team just released the Line and Shape Controls in the latest version of the VB Power Packs:



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