How Do I Video Walk-Throughs from the Community

How Do I Video Walk-Throughs from the Community

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A very generous VB community member, Bob Schild, sent these to me to post here to share with the rest of you. Bob took many of the How-Do-I videos and created his own walk throughs for them. So if it's easier for you to learn by reading instead of listening to me speak then you'll be happy to have these by your side.

Please feel free to post comments to this blog post if you have any questions or comments to Bob or myself or if you find any typos.


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  • Doin a great job. Really, you helped me understanding VS 2005. Few days ago I thought that VB 2005 is tough than VB 6.0 but I think VS 2005 is best after you introduce me. It would amazing if you could describe VB 2005 database programming with Ms Access database files. Okay, that's all.

    Dhanu Saud (Nepal)(Self Studying VB)

  • Hi Dhanu,

    You can use Access with drag-and-drop datainding the same exact way that's shown in the videos with SQL-Express. When adding the datasource and setting up the connection, you simply click the "Change..." button on the Add Connection dialog and then you can select Access then specify the location to the MDB file.

    Access is appropriate for small applications with one or very few users. However SQL-Express is free and is much more scalable than Access. Also as your application grows and you need more scalability you can easily upgrade to SQL-Standard or Enterprise without changing any code.



  • Another one of our generous Visual Basic community members, *** Valdivieso , has started translating

  • Hi Beth,

    Please send my sincere THANK YOU to Bob Schild and YOU. He has greatly improved my understand of your videos and I will pass the videos and his documents to Millions of Nigerians eger to learn Visual Basic 2005.

    Could he PLEASE complete the series? God has already bless You and HIM.

    ps: dont bother about my second problem I sent to you for assistance, Mr Bruno Yu had provided a solution that solved the login validation problem. Thank him on my behalf. All because of You.

    Looking forward for the remaining transcripts.



  • Hi Beth

    Sorry to come again.

    Please, Please, Please could you discuss how to bind radio buttons to a Sex field (Male, Female) in a table?

    I have been trying to impliment it for a data entry form for easy selection of the gender type and it has not work. Combobox works but radio button is not.



  • Hi Phil,

    Have you seen this article:



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