MSDN geekSpeak: Generics in Visual Basic

MSDN geekSpeak: Generics in Visual Basic

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Listen to the always entertaining Jim Duffy, Visual Basic MVP, talk about generics and more in Visual Basic on MSDN's geekSpeak. In this segment, Jim answers common developer questions about not only use of generics, but also some language-specific features of VB.NET. Jim, I know you love Rush but do you have to slip them into every demo? LOL.

Also check out more MSDN geekSpeak shows and VB Screencasts on Channel 9.



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  • Awesome, I have thus far been so disappointed with the lack of VB.NET generic examples/articles on the web.  Sure I could buy a book but who wants to do that?!  I have already learned to use them by doing, but it sure was nice to hear a humurous guy get into some of the details.

    2112, baby!!

    Thank you...

  • I can't it to download, it always comes up with an error 'that there is a problem with Windows Media Player', the player works with other wmv files ok.

  • Hi Fred,

    I'm not having an issue, maybe you can try it again. Or you may want to contact Channel 9 ( or GeekSpeak ( directly, they may be able to shed some light.


  • I have disappointed with the very short emabples of VB.NET generic on the web.  Please help me i fany have a sample of V.B Generics covering up Adding,Editing, Deleting, Searching Techniques.

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