6 Months at Microsoft - I made it!

6 Months at Microsoft - I made it!

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Today marks my 1/2 year anniversary at Microsoft - wow - it's gone by so fast! I guess because I've been so busy trying to bring you the best Visual Basic content and a fresh Developer Center. I have enjoyed every minute I've spent on doing videos, writing articles and samples, speaking, interviewing, working with our MVPs and community, and time spent out in the field with customers. It's been so much fun learning LINQ and all the other amazing features in this version of Visual Basic. This is definitely the best, busiest, and most fun "work" I've done in a while and I couldn't have done it without such a supportive team here at Microsoft and people in the community like you!

Please keep the feedback coming on what other things you'd like to see on our Developer Center. It's YOURS for goodness sake!



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  • Beth, only 1/2 year!!!???

    I think that has been very intense.

    I have continued your progress and has been very satisfactory.

    Congratulations for this 1/2 year anniversary.

    Kind regards,


  • Congratulations Beth!

    You're doing a wonderful job. Keep going for at least another ½ year ;-)

  • Congrats! Your blog runeth over!

    Seriously, its amazing how much you've contributed.


  • Beth,

    I hope your boss knows what an excellent job you have done.  You have given us more information on how to use VB and VS in the last 6 months than we have had in the last 2 years.  Seriously.

    Also, I am glad you are on the VB team.  As you probably know, in the corporate world many companies will not hire .NET programmers unless they know C#.  (I guess there is some kind of snob appeal to C#.)  Anyway, it is great to see your enthusiasm for VB.

    Sorry to hear you hurt your thumb.  I hope you are feeling better.



  • Hi Beth,

    that is nice, just like you, I like to give you simple example for these month you spend it there, i have a friend you always ask to change from visual basic to another language but when I give him you blog and you watch it, he start coding with me using visual basic, and your blog have been his home page, so he and me and all of the other waiting for you to get more and more...

    M. Sharief

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