Beth's Boo Boo

Beth's Boo Boo

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No this isn't a Halloween "Boo" as in ghost, but rather a big boo boo or small-ish injury to my thumb. :-(


I ended up in the emergency room yesterday because I slammed my thumb in a folding ladder. I knew the instant it happened it was bad news. It felt crushed, smashed, okay I thought it was falling off. But I knew it wasn't bad enough to call 911 or anything even though I felt like I was going to pass out. Especially after I looked at it under the running water in the sink -- the red water was not a good sign. I was with my friend Robin so she played ambulance driver and nurse for me the rest of the day.


I haven’t been to the emergency room in a long time. I forgot how long they make you wait if you’re not dying. It hurt pretty bad (I told them a 6 on the pain/smiley-sad-face chart) but after X-Ray, no broken bones!!! YAY MILK. I’ll probably lose the nail though… but I figure I already bite mine so badly no one will notice. ;-). I have it on ice and the doc gave me some nice pain-killers so I’m doing just swell. Code camp should be interesting this weekend. :-)


But you know, typing with one hand is hard! Luckily it’s my left hand. I have an even greater respect now for people with disabilities using computers. For instance this post took 38 minutes for me to type with one hand. I'm a terrible typist anyway (I have to look at the keys) but this is ridiculous.


If you dare to look at it, click here. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.


Here are some thoughtful responses from my team when I told them about it:


"Thumbs Up!"

"If you doodle on it, is it a thumbnail sketch?"

"If you’re sailing is it a thumb-tack?"

"If you use that hand while operating your car, would that be called a thumb drive?"

"Rule Of Thumb: Be more careful"


Thanks guys! :-P

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  • groan @ the people you work with!

  • Ouch!!!

  • Ouch... maybe you should try's Scott's trick...

    It may help you

  • Owwie, hate it when that happens.  I don't miss the ER one bit; I spent enough time there in my childhood/adolescence.  It used to be an annual ritual for me to stop in, say hi, and get stitched up.  Luckily I found a way to stop hurting myself (computer + internet).

    I've had some pain recently myself.  Had all 4 wisdom teeth yanked out a week ago.  Still hurts, mostly in the mornings.  And I only have 3 vicodin left.  But... I can type :D

  • Ouch Josh! I have to say I think you win. I remember when I was a youngen and had my wisdom teeth taked out.. I had impacted bottom mollers and it wasn't fun at all!

  • geez, that looks like it hurts! also looks like an xbox commercial - you've got 'controller thumb', or 'she was destined to be a gamer' LOL. seriously though, I hope you feel better, and have fun at camp

  • My dad and I were moving the trunk of the one tree that fell ... yes, fell ... down in the back yard, we were heaving the heavier bit closer to the garage wall and and we dropped it, the thing rotated and caught my dad's index finger between it and the garage wall.

    He went to the hospital with half his finger hanging by what looked like 5mm of skin ... pretty narf O.O

    Now he's got no feeling at all in that part of his finger...

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