Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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One of my very favorite holidays is Halloween. I've always loved dressing up as something really gross or scary and freaking people out. Every year I throw a costume party the Saturday before Halloween. This year I was a demon and Alan was the devil. Sara even came down for the weekend and was Trinity from the Matrix with a side of clown because she was busting out animal balloons all night! My mom won a prize for most creative as she was Queen Elizabeth and VERY realistic! She stole a wig from my grandmother so I think that was what was creative about it! ;-)

I won for scarriest, which is good because that's what I was going for. If I had dressed up all sexy or cute and won scarriest I would be scared myself. Luckily the two hours of makeup I spent was well worth it. Here's a picture of Sara on the left and me on the right.

I also spent about two weeks building the haunted house downstairs (that's actually how I hurt my thumb). I still have it all together and will turn it all back on tonight to try and lure the trick-or-treaters into the maze. We'll see if they want the candy bad enough ;-). I'd stick a picture up here but I haven't gotten them all from my friend who was in charge of photos so stay tuned for that. I think a video would do it more justice so I may make one tonight.


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  • >> If I had dressed up all sexy or cute and won scarriest I would be scared myself <<

    LOL!  I think it's pretty cool that you still get into Halloween and have a bunch of fun with it (and hurt your thumb in the process, thats pretty cool too).

    I wish I could say the same, but for some reason I grew out of it.  Today I came to work in an orange dress shirt and black pants.  How lame is that?!  My parents and my sisters still get into Halloween, too.  My father dressed up as a hooters girl on saturday night.  You wanna talk about scary...

    Anyways, you did a really good job on your costume, and so did Sara!  Im looking forward to seeing the haunted house.

  • Hey, you look cute on that picture. Just a little question, is´t a bodypaint or what?

    Anders from Sweden

  • I did paint my face and hair but I actually owned the shirt I was wearing ;-). Now that's scarry!

  • I beat all possible costumes last year, went to work as the one thing that'll make grown men cry... a taxman...

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween and I'm throwing a huge party at my super-freaky haunted house. I've

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