Visual Studio 2008 Released!

Visual Studio 2008 Released!

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Early holiday gifts from Microsoft! Today we announced the release of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5! Come and get it:

 Also check out the new redesigned Visual Basic Developer Center with more updated and dynamic content.

Also, we'll be updating the Dev Center with more videos this week so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays!

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  • Hi Beth,

    Do you know when the products will be available in other language?



  • Hi Thierry,

    Visual Basic, C# and C++ languages are all included in the release of Visual Studio 2008.



  • I just downloaded the the RTM, but the installation still says Beta 2.  Shoudl I be worried?

  • Hi John,

    Did you download it from here? This is the 2008 version:

    If you want to install the trials then they are here:

    Otherwise if you are an MSDN subscriber you can download VS 2008 from your subscriber downloads page.



  • Hi Beth,

    About the language, I wanted to mean the country (French, German,etc).



  • Never mind, I thought I had already gotten rid of the beta 2 image.

  • I still can't get the SQL Express to install.  It stops and says to look at the summary.txt, but that file is empty.  I had the same problem with the VB Express 2005, but I was able to install the Beta of 2008 and this release also installed fine.  Is there any chance of a SQL Expresss 08?

    Also, how do you use the SQL Compact?

    Thanks, Fred

  • LOL @Thierry. Sorry I misunderstood. I'm not exactly sure when the localized versions of VS will be released. I'll ask around. :-)

  • Hi Fred,

    SQL 2008 hasn't been released yet. The launch event is scheduled for end of February. I'm not sure what is wrong with your install, you may want to ask on the forums.

    SQL Compact Edition is a local database you can use for single-user apps. Just right-click on your 2008 project, select Add New Item and select the "local database" template. You can then design the database in VS with the Server/Database Explorer and create datasets like normal. I have an article that uses it here:



  • That's all I am going to do anyway, just one PC with a program running on it.

    I will try the Compact Edition.



  • I am having problems with the install logs telling me I need the net framework 2.0a.  

    It may be nice to add a link to this article telling people about this and providing a link to the download for it and 3.0a.  

    The only reason I bring this up is that I could not find the download on the msdn downloads untill I found another blog with a link.

  • I recently purchased VS2005 Pro.  Is there a free upgrade window for recent purchases?

  • Must I uninstall Beta 2 before installing 2008?

  • Hi Hal,

    Yes, you'll need to uninstall the Beta before installing RTM. Check out the download page for more info.


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