Channel 9 Interview: XML Properties and Enabling IntelliSense

Channel 9 Interview: XML Properties and Enabling IntelliSense

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Yesterday I posted a Channel 9 interview with Avner Aharoni, a Program Manager on the Visual Basic Team. In this interview Avner shows us how to enable XML IntelliSense in Visual Basic using the XML to Schema Wizard. He also shows the differences between how IntelliSense works with axis properties on XDocument and XElement objects and speaks to how the wizard can infer multiple schemas from multiple sources as well as the affect XML namespaces have on IntelliSense.

Get started with LINQ to XML in Visual Basic with these How-to Videos.

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  • Hi Beth Massi,

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    My sincere apologies for using this medium to contact you as I have no others option to reach you or the concerned person. I wanted to check if I am allowed to distribute the VB Express edition to Indian school students or not? Also, is there any possibility that I get some help from Microsoft to promote the Visual Basic education in Indian School and Colleges?

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    Looking forward for an early reply.


    -Rajeev Jain

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  • I had a blast on the Geek Speak today. If you missed it, they will have it available on demand from their

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