Visual Studio 2008 Launch Event

Visual Studio 2008 Launch Event

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Even though Visual Studio 2008 has been available since mid-November, today is the official Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008, and SQL Server 2008 launch event down in Los Angeles.

If you aren't at the event in L.A. you can tune into the virtual event online. On the Heroes Happen Here web site you also can find more information about the releases and view profiles of customers doing amazing things with Visual Studio in the Heroes Profile Gallery.

This marks the beginning of hundreds of events worldwide that will touch hundreds of thousands of people. I'll be presenting at the San Francisco event on March 13th and then in Reno on May 22nd. Hope to see you there.    


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  • hi my name is saleem can you answer my question please

    i made a simple media player with 2005

    it is working well but i had these problems

    1-how can i get all of file names i selected and pressed enter to play them with my application

    i tried startupnext instance event and i got all file names but this was a very slow way and doesn't work well when you have alot of files

    i mean i have to wait every file name to be sent to an instance of my application

    please can you tell me what the way is to do that(

    maybe the way that is used in windows media player)

    2- how can i next the song by pressing nextmedia button while my application is minimized and i am working on another program like a word ...

    3- i can drag and drop files from windows explorer

    to my playlist

    but i cant drag files from openfiledialoge to my play list

    thank you

  • Hi Saleem,

    I don't know much about windows media player. You should ask questions like this in the forums:



  • thank you Beth

    don't you know someone who i can ask about my questions up

    and thank you again

  • Saleem,

    Please use the forums for this question. Many many many Microsoft support engineers are there answering questions. It's not polite to spam my blog.



  • hello Beth

    it is so slow that working whit visual stuio 2008 vb makes me sick

    how you feel?

  • Hi arthur,

    What is "slow"? There have been many perf improvements in VS08. There was one hotfix related to XML comments that was released recently, maybe this is your issue?

    You can report any additional bugs here:



  • I have a dataset that includes 33 tables.

    in one form after adding 15 tables (datasources and table adapters) the form is not working

    Im waitinig for hours but there is no move, and I cant use that project any more

    my pc is core duo 2.2 ghz cpu and 4 gb ram laptop

  • Hello Beth,

    I have made a small application in with sql2005. I installed that application in my client machine. But it is taking 3 minutes to open the form. I noticed that, dataadapter.fill is taking that much time. is there any solution.

    With B'Regards


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