Webcast Added to the VBeth Webcast Series

Webcast Added to the VBeth Webcast Series

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Thanks to all who attended Friday's webcast. Unfortunately VOIP in the new version of Live Meeting isn't what it's cracked up to be. And even though I set up a conference call, a lot of people couldn't dial into the toll-free number from other countries. I apologize, and the rest of the webcasts I'll set up through the phone line like we used to do in the old version.

I heard a lot of great feedback from the people that were on the phone (thanks for the encouraging emails!) so I decided to re-do this one this Friday at 11am PST. Yes, that's right, I'm doing two webcasts in one day because I love you all so much ;-) And if the Live Meeting gods are mean to me again, I'll just create a series of How-Do-I videos!

Here's all the new details (and I've updated the previous announcements about it with the new information):

Live From Redmond: VB9 - Introduction to LINQ in Visual Basic
3/14/2008 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada) | Duration:60 Minutes
LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query and it allows you to query over things like objects, databases and XML in a standard way with a new syntax available in the latest versions of Visual Basic and C#. In this Webcast you will learn how to get started writing LINQ queries using the simple but powerful query syntax available in Visual Basic. We'll walk through a variety of basic queries as well look at aggregates and groups over different data sources. You will also see how writing queries over XML using specific Visual Basic syntax like XML literals and axis properties can help you be much more productive when working with XML.

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  • I don't mean to be pessimistic but I smell How Do I Videos ;-)

    Wish you the best of luck with LiveMeeting this friday!

  • Beth, you ROCK!  We get so much help from you and never thank you,...sooo...THANKS! :)

    Your "how do I videos" have saved our behinds many times.  You're quick and to the point and explain things well so we really appreciate your time and learn well from them!!

    On that note could you do more (a LOT more?) of those great videos specifically focussed on the new VS2008 way to do data and layer separation?  There are a ton of VS2005 vids but it's now become the "old" way of doingthings  :(  <sniff> < insert dinosaur picture here >

    I'd love to see practical stuff: eg solving issues for business people traveling with their laptops and being on/offline all the time - but still needing access to their data.  You could use LOCAL sql compact 3.5 database that can reconnect and re-SYNC (via new sync 2 framework?) with a master SQL database and merge all changes.  It would be great to see the VS2008 "best practices" way of doing this using your n-tier approach (eg separating the entities layer from the DAL as per your other video).  And don't be shy about throwing in WCF as the endpoint to tap into the remote SQL Server database that we're synching with.

    It sounds like a lot but I think it would be an extremely useful video for everyone looking into helping the mobile workforce - not to mention working with the tidal wave of mobile devices coming our way.

    Cheers, and thanks again!


  • I have to agree Beth, you keep it fun and your 'How do I' vids are top notch. ;-)

    When you "need" a hike through the Appalachian mountains please look us up.

  • hey Beth, thanks for all your hard work!  who needs to go to the movies when you're creating webcasts and How-To videos...now where'd i put my popcorn and 3D glasses?  :)

    Beth, regarding your "VB- What's new" webcast from friday, the events site is giving an error.

    Any chance you could check in with the nice folks at the Events site to get this up (and downloadable) for us.  I could only make it to your 11am 'matinee' and would really like to watch your first one too.  :)

    thanks Beth, here's the error from the Events page:


    Live From Redmond: VB9 - What's New in Visual Basic 9

    We’re sorry, the requested Webcast could not be found.

    Reference Event Code: 1032369550

    Language(s):  English.  

    Product(s):  Visual Basic,Visual Studio.  

    Audience(s):  Developer,IT Professionals.  

    Duration:  60 Minutes  

    Start Date:  Friday, March 14, 2008 5:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada)  


  • LOL @Jeff

    Thanks for the support. Unfortunately it looks like the download is missing because the recording was bad. But you can download the deck and samples here: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/whatsnewvb

    Hope you can make it this Friday for some fun with XML!


  • Hi Beth .. Ireally enjoyed yoy webcast .. I tried the the One-To-Many Application in this webcast. The Order details Total is calculates cooerctly when you navigate from order to another. When you navigate from A Customer to a different the total doesn't behave correctly .. I tried To use the CustomerBindingNavigator_Refresh Mehod and copied to same code in the OrderBindingSource_PositionChanged to my method .. THe Totals calculations were coorect when you navigate from customer to customer. The compiled without errors or warnings.. BUT when I tried to close the form, I got this message:

    "NullReferenceException was unhandled..Object reference not set to an instance of an object ..

    This is my method that caused the the message:

    Private Sub CustomerBindingNavigator_Refresh(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles CustomerBindingNavigator.Refresh

           If Me.OrdersBindingSource.Position > -1 Then

               Dim row As Order

               row = CType(Me.OrdersBindingSource.Current, Order)

               Dim total = Aggregate detail In row.Order_Details _

                           Into Sum(detail.Quantity * detail.UnitPrice)

               Me.TextBox1.Text = Format(total, "c")


               Me.TextBox1.Text = ""

           End If

              End Sub

    I know there is an elegant solution around.. Can You help in fixin the problem ??

    Thanks again.

  • Hi Abdel,

    You need to also handle the CurrentChanged event of the CustomerBindingSource.



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