Watch 48 New Visual Basic "How Do I" Videos!

Watch 48 New Visual Basic "How Do I" Videos!

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We added 48 How Do I videos (Forms over data, Windows development, Office development and Security) to the Visual Basic developer Center in addition to adding new download formats for 12 others. This includes audio files, and additional videos files to make these videos as accessible as possible. You can go directly to the How Do I video series main page to see the complete list.

Many thanks to Rob Windsor, Pat Tormey and Steve Hansen for doing these videos. I also have a couple more that I have done that should be up on the site very soon ;-)


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  • Hi Beth,

    I've been studying your one to many code in my efforts to learn VB 9.  I've found the videos most useful.

    You did leave out one key component.  I kept getting an error after a save because my main key was populating using the temp holder of -1.  

    I noticed in one of your videos, the 2008 one, you briefly mention datagridview.enter.  I capitalized on that and put the tablemanager to save upon the enter of the grid.  Then the main key was populated and the form could save smoothly.

    Thanks for creating these videos, I find them very inspiring.  In the process I've installed Vista and am finding it to be a wonderful launch pad.

    Thanks again,


  • Dear Friend,

    I Download video tutorials of you'rs and they are great. You done it well dear. Wish you all the best

  • Hi Beth

    i am trying to create an Attendace Sheet using VB, since your videos are not about this, i find it very difficult to do all that by myself. i am still very new to this, so do not know even weather we can create an Attendace sheet or not. and yah here in Maldives we have monthly salary nto weekly.

  • I'm somewhat of a newbie and this is EXCELLENT learning material - THANKS!

    What I haven't found though (and it may be something very simple)... is how to create a one-to-many data entry form only not using the DataGrid. I want to use individual controls for the Child table on that form.

    Hope someone could point me in the direction where I can find this.


  • Hi Calo,

    You'll probably want to take a look at the DataRepeater control in the VB PowerPacks. Here's a video: on how to use it.



  • Hi Beth,

    I watch all of your vedio, it helpfull and I like it, i use them to build a database application and it is really usefull, but there is one thing. while the data growing, you find that it is important to not fill you dataset with all data from the database, and no way to add new record without filling the dataset. how can i solve this, while i need to for cleaer network trafic

  • Hi M Sharief,

    You'll want to specify parameterized queries on your tableAdapter to narrow the results. Take a look here:

    And here:



  • Hi Beth,

    thanks for your answer, but no way else to do that without fill the dataset.


  • Hi M Sharief,

    Yes, you're filling the dataset with only the specific records you need, not all of them.


  • I have looked all over the internet for your video on working with the datagrid in VB. I watch the video about two months ago and it was great. But now I can't find it. I thought I watched it from the website but I sure can't find it there now. Please let me know where I can find it. I created a small project while watching it and now I can remember how I did the filtering.

    Please help.

    My email is

  • Hi Tommy,

    There are a bunch of videos here that use the DataGridView:



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