Resources for Building N-tier Applications

Resources for Building N-tier Applications

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I've been getting a lot of mails lately from people trying to build n-tier applications with Visual Studio 2008. Luckily, VS now makes it much easier to build these kinds of applications which have pretty much become the "norm" these days. Here's a feed of items I'm building that should help you get started.

I've been really busy this week tagging items like this in an effort to revamp the Visual Basic Learn area of the Dev Center. The content there is still very popular but it's looking pretty dated at this point since the release of Visual Studio 2008. Look for changes to roll out there very soon. If you have some favorite pages to share please pass them along! Basically I'm trying to surface some of the best content from the Library, How-Do-I videos, Webcasts, books, learning plans, and blog posts on a variety of topics. Look for more topics like WPF, WCF, WF to be added to the Learn tab as well.


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  • Hi Yuir,

    I plan on doing some on WPF as well. Winforms is more mature in its tooling when it comes to working with data so it's easy to learn it. If you're interested, check out for WPF videos.



  • I have found a sample project using DataGrid in a Silverlight app. Cool!

  • Hi, Beth

    I can understand allot of the comments on here. Especially the ones from Avi.

    Many of the videos in the ‘how to forms over data series’ don’t apply to an  N-Tier Application. Please Thanks can you put all this new programming in to new video, as an add on the ‘Use DataSets in an N-Tier Application’ as I find it hard to follow.

    p.s maybe you could write a small book on this new technology as there are none that address these issues!



  • Hi, I watched the video How Do I: Use DataSets in an N-Tier Application? and tried to rewrite the code in VS 2008 using C# - everything was working till I got to the saving and updating of the new rows - they saved but the grid didn't update, although I used the same code, but in C#.I found a  dirty solution but could you tell me why it didn't update the ids?

    private void ordersBindingNavigatorSaveItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)




               var proxy = new NorthwindService.Service1Client();

               var changes = (NorthwindEntities.OrdersDataSet)this.ordersDataSet.GetChanges();

               if (changes != null)




                       var addedrows = from row in this.ordersDataSet.Orders

                                       where row.RowState == DataRowState.Added

                                           select row;

                       foreach (var row in addedrows.ToArray())




                       //If we substiture the following two lines with


                       //it updates (but makes a new request for the whole DataSet)





                       MessageBox.Show("not saved");




  • Beth

    I have followed your video series and am a real bif fan.  I like how easy they are to understand for us neophytes.  I have been following them in series usinf 2008 Express and my own personal MS/Access dataset.  EVrything has worked just as described until I got to the N-Tier video.  I followed each of the steps as described, but when I got to the part about double clicking the dataset xsd (Again it's a dataset based on an MS/Access table), I do not see the property "DataSetProject" to direct it to the Entities project.

    My question is can N-Tier applications be developed in the the Express version or do I need a more powerful version of Visual Basic?  If it is possible with Express, Then is the fact that I am using an MS/Access database the problem?

    I would appreciate any halp you can provide me.

    Keep up the fantastic video series.

  • Hi George,

    Unfortunately N-Tier Datasets are not supported in Express Edition. I've passed this feedback onto the team that made this decision in order to reconsider. You can also submit your feedback on



  • hi!

    i want to use winforms to crud data from an SQL server in a shared web hosting. is this possible in an n-tier application just like your samples and videos?


  • and how will i deploy it? i.e. where will i put my projects/files?

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