MVPs, VB and Me

MVPs, VB and Me

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The MVP summit was last week -- my first summit where I wasn't an MVP but instead an employee -- and what an enjoyable experience it was! It was awesome seeing MVPs from all over the world. Microsoft really throws a great summit, this year renting out the entire EMP like they did a couple years ago. The difference this year was live band karaoke and Rock Band on the XBox set up on a real stage. Remind me to pick songs I know the words to next time I get up and sing!

One of the highlights of the summit was Adam Cogan, a Visual Studio Team System MVP from Australia, who brought over some beer for me on a request from Chuck Sterling. (Chuck realized I loved beer after dinner at his place with Sara Ford.) I figured since Adam was bringing over some Australian beer he could also bring me a Victoria Bitter.... not a very good beer but I LOVE the logo. Chris Williams, Visual Basic MVP, took a picture of me holding it up in one of the VB sessions:

If you can't see it, here's a picture of the bottle:


But the beer they really wanted me to try is called Little Creatures and I highly recommend it to the hop heads out there! Unfortunately one of the bottles broke in Adam's luggage (alcohol abuse!) but he saved one. Thanks so much for the trouble Adam, REALLY! Anyone that goes that that great length to bring a girl beer around the world is #1 in my book!

Enjoy! (you know I did ;-))

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  • HELP!

    I am in a mess sorting out a LINQ To SQL query to get a list of Products to order from my Supplier, this is a real world application needed for my business

    I need to write a LINQ To SQL query to get all my Products where the SupplierID is X and the OrderQty > 0 but my Products are not directly related to my Suppliers as they have a join table called  Manufacturer between them. So I need a join statement to get them together.

    I have a LINQ To SQL Class that has all 3 tables and the columns I need to work with are..









    The relations are..

    tblProduct.fdManufacturerID > tblManufacturer. fdKeyID

    tblManufacturer. fdSupplierID > tblSupplier.fdKeyID

    And I need to say where tblSupplier.fdKeyID = X  and tblProduct.fdOrderQty > 0 with  tblManufacturer join between the two and return all the columns in  tblProduct

    I hope you can help.

    p.s we English drink real beer not larger!

  • I think i have sorted it out with..

    Dim DB2 As New LSQDataContext

    Dim ProductQuery = From Supplier In B2.tblSuppliers             Join Manufacturer In DB2.tblManufacturers On Supplier.fdKeyID Equals Manufacturer.fdSupplierID Join Product In DB2.tblProducts On Manufacturer.fdKeyID Equals Product.fdManufacturerID Where Supplier.fdKeyID = X And Product.fdOrderQty > 0             Order By Product.fdOrderCode Select Product


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