Video Presentation: Conquering XML with LINQ in Visual Basic 9

Video Presentation: Conquering XML with LINQ in Visual Basic 9

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The session I did last November at QCon in San Fransisco is online so check it out. In this talk I introduced VB 9's LINQ to XML syntax and XML literals, axis properties, and embedded expressions.  

It's so weird watching myself but I think it was a pretty good presentation even though I was fighting a cough. I use my hands a lot (so unlike me <g>) but I think that helps express my points. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-) I'll probably do even more hand waving at DevTeach in a couple weeks.

The code in the video is a bit hard to see, so if you prefer, I did a similar webcast earlier this month that you can view here.


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  • You where right about the hands, they were all over the place, I am sure you are now referred to as the Microsoft Ninja.  Actually, I do not know if it is more than any other presenter or if it was that I read your blog before watching it where you pointed out that you used your hands a lot. The power of suggestion, before even seeing the video I was focused on watching your hands and then I could not stop watching them move all over the place. But enough about the hands, I watched the series you did on “What is my favorite new VB9 feature” were you interviewed multiple vb9 product managers. One of the things I loved was that the whole computer screen was shown and the video was inserted into the lower tight or left of the screen (like picture in picture or screencast/video). There was, many times during the QCon presentation, were you pointed off camera toward the projected image on the wall, which of course I could not see but really wanted to see. So this is my one vote for more screencast/video combinations in the future. One small critic, near the beginning you said “If you think the demo is boring or something we can tweek it and change it around”. It is great that you are telling the audience they can participate but why would it be that the “demo is boring”. The power of suggestion again, think of another way to say that without the “boring”. In all, I liked all the education items I have seen from you so far. The next on my list of things to watch is the “How Do I Videos — Visual Basic” series. Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Beth,

    The hands were fine, but I think Gerard has a point, their method of broadcasting it is limited.  It took like 10 minutes into it, before I realized that your powerpoint screen shots were located in a box below you.

    Would it be possible to put the presentation on channel 9?  They have a great way of broadcasting, so that the presentation will utilize double monitors.  It really is an excellent way of showing off a presentation.

    Also, we've followed a similar database path.  I started a little earlier in the picture, dbase III, before Clipper.

    Keep up the great work, I study your HowTo videos a lot.  I'm working on mastering the N-Tier one now.  It was pleasant to see the woman behind the video in this presentation.

    Thanks again,


  • Yes the conference organizers were gracious enough to film the presentation, I didn't realize that until I went up there to speak. :-)

    And thanks for the kind words about my Channel 9 style. I think the extra production work is worth it because people seem to enjoy "head in the box" a lot.

    If you rather watch it in a webcast format (which is clearer for code and powerpoint) it's here on-demand:

    There's also a great C9 video I did with Erik Meijer on XML literals here:



  • Hi Beth,

    The channel 9 video was unbelievable!  To see Erik Meijer, the man behind the vb, was fantastic.

    Currently I'm working on your linq tutorials.  The stuff Erik covered is a little ahead of where I'm at in my learning curve, but I'm going to watch it several times.

    Also the video format was just awesome!  To have the two of you on screen while the demonstration was going on was really fabulous.  I felt like I was there!

    I couldn't get to your first link, I'm not sure why.

    Something off this topic, I'm working on a compiled class, do you have any videos showing the proper way to deal with this in VB.Net?  It's one of my wish list items, because I haven't really been trained in this, and even though, my wing and a prayer version is actually working fine, I would like to know the proper way.

    Thanks again, you are really helping me get up to speed with all this wonderful content.


  • Today I woke up at the crack of dawn because I had an 8:30 AM session. Okay maybe not quite the crack

  • hi betty

    when Im  making xml files wiht linq to xml way, my xml files having some chars like  at the begining of document. How can I remove it.

    thanks for now

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