WPF Forms over Data Video Series

WPF Forms over Data Video Series

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Yesterday I created a Code Gallery project with a couple videos on WPF data-based app development in Visual Studio 2008. I’m starting a series on WPF directed at LOB developers building data-oriented applications. These videos show how to work with data, they don't show you how to create fancy UIs.

MSDN hasn’t propped the page content yet but you can check out the Code Gallery resource page that has the links to the videos and the code downloads now!


Look for more videos when I get back from vacation in mid-July.


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  • Any chance you could do a video or blog on how to create a one-to-many parent/detail form only without using the DataGridView?

    It's not requested for cosmetic purposes; rather, each field in the child table has specific questions the user needs to enter data for, and a DataGridView won't do for that.

    Thanks! And enjoy Jamaica ;)

  • Hi Rick,

    Thanks, Jamaica was amazing. Or as they say "Irie mon". ;-)

    You may want to take a look at the DataRepeater that's part of the Visual Basic PowerPacks. You would bind the DataRepeater the same way as the DataGridView but it would allow you to use any windows forms controls to display each row.





  • I've watched 3 of the WPF videos and I have found them invaluable in getting me "over the hump" in getting started in WPF.  You do wonderful work.  Simple, to the point, just what you really need to know.


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