Working From Home - In Redmond!?!

Working From Home - In Redmond!?!

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I've been up in Redmond this week for a regularly scheduled office visit but instead of 5 days of meetings I only could get 3 days in. This is because on Wednesday night it started to snow! Yes, it snows in Seattle! I have been coming up here (and lived here for a brief period) since 2001 and it's snowed every year that I can remember. Don't let people fool you ;-)

So I've been house-bound going on the second day. I know there are a lot of snow storms in North America today. I just saw that Toronto is getting pummeled along with NYC, Boston, Minneapolis, etc. I feel your pain! Today I'm going to try to get to SEATAC to fly back home to the SF Bay Area where it's just raining really hard. :-) I admit I'm a wimpy California girl. I think snow belongs only in the mountains in the winter!

I do hope I make it home though, my mom won't be very happy if I miss her Italian Christmas. (That will be enough guilt to last until next Christmas -- probably longer).

I do have to say though, the snow is beautiful!


I'll try to enjoy! :-)

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  • Wow, wish we still had winters like that over here in the UK.

  • Hey Beth,

    Believe it or not, even in sunny South Africa we've had snow.. It was like, 1am and I was staying at my gran's house for a few days when my gran thought it was snowing, so we went out and sure enough it was!

    First time I'd seen snow in my life, it was awesome, I'd be happier if it snowed more than rained down here thought, that way I wouldn't've gotten soaked on new years day and my phone would still work properly. Haha

    Keep well,


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