New WPF "How Do I" Video on Formatting Data Entry

New WPF "How Do I" Video on Formatting Data Entry

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We just released a new How Do I Video onto the VB Dev Center on how to format controls on data entry forms using the IValueConverter like I showed in a previous post. The IValueConverter allows you full control over the display of the data as well as the editing of that data by users in the controls.

Check out all the WPF Forms over Data videos here.


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  • i am very impress by your (form over data video series) but it is very primary, i want it in deep & advance,  i was a foxpro devloper since last 15 years, it is difficult for me to understand the whole flow of software in, so please help me to update my self, i want ready made moduals, classes, utilities & function which can help me

    i want Max. videos & code on ( as my work is to devlope small customise database software devlopment. Please faver me my sending a full small database project with code & it's video (if possible it should cover all kind of Genral validations, Photo, one to many form update,add, delete, moduals, data layer and all functionality which a small software should have)

  • Hi Beth,

    Thanks for those great videos. For the master-detail example you used here, how can I set the price to horizontal-align to right?

    You know in style you set it to stetch. It seems that I can override it. But the box bolder will show out, which is not expected. Kindly please provide some hint. Thanks!!

  • Oh... I found one option now- TextAlignment. Thanks again.

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