Programming Entity Framework Book

Programming Entity Framework Book

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Julie Lerman's Programming Entity Framework book just arrived today! I've been skimming around it all day and so far Chapter 8 is my favorite but I'm sure once I get to Chapter 14 that will take the cake :-)

Thanks Julie! (especially for all the great VB code!)

How Do I videos here we come.....


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  • Oh Great, and it is also available on Safari Online.

    Ooops it has been available there since 8-Oct-2008.

    I had better add it to my bookshelf now.  

    We luddites need to pay much more attention.

  • I've been reading this book but it seems to make everything sound overly complicated.  There's nothing like a How-to video to 'cut to the chase'

    Can I make a request for a How-to video showing a walk-through of making a simple Linq-to-entities, WPF n-tier application?  It's something that everybody is wanting to do but there's just no decent examples out there that can be understood by the average VB/C# programmer with an ADO.NET/Winforms background.

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