Microsoft Beth 2009 - Has it really been two years!?

Microsoft Beth 2009 - Has it really been two years!?

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Last week marked the two year anniversary of my employment at Microsoft. Wow! I completely forgot about it -- I had to go back to my blog archive and look it up ;-) Time flies when you're having fun, I guess. I've really enjoyed my time here so far and I hope that I can continue to do my best for the Microsoft developer community.

I can't tell you how many friends I've made here and in the community and how much I've learned. Microsoft is truly an awesome company and I work with the best minds in the industry. It's overwhelming sometimes working here but it's so worth it to see the fruits of your labor really pay off.  And it's incredible to have this kind of impact in the world. I hope that my work continues to help developers out there.

Many thanks to all of you -- the awesome developers in the community helping each other make it through the challenges we face building applications that make people's lives that much better. Let's continue being excellent to each other and here's to another year!


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  • Beth, you're just Awesome.  I can't tell you how many times your videos/columns have save my bacon (when I couldn't find straight-forward answers anywhere else).  You keep your instructions simple and on-target and they so easy to follow.  I think too many other presenters mess up because they are trying to "show off" instead of presenting the simple topic itself.

    You a blessing for our community!  We appreciate all your great work.  

    p.s. I think yo need to wear one of those burger-king paper crowns for the day!  lol  Congrats on the big 2!

  • Thanks again everyone!

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